Do you need to sell YOUR HOUSE Fast?


affiliated with any real estate agency, so we are not interested in “listing” your home. And our offers NEVER include any fees or commissions to you. Therefore, please only call us if you are SERIOUS about selling your home. We don't like to waste time, ours or yours, and if we cannot do business together, then we will part as friends.

To see if we can help you in your situation, just click the button below to explore the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How functions of the transaction. Our focus is finding creative solutions to your real estate problem. We specialize in offering you the MAXIMUM AMOUNT by taking over your payments, buying through a land trust or signing a lease option for your house immediately! (We can also offer you a CA$H offer as well.) We will take care of the paperwork, handle all of the arrangements and close within a week, if necessary.

We would ask that you simply give us the opportunity and we will help you remove the uncertainty of when, or if, your house will sell. Call us to avoid the problems associated with the FSBO (for sale by owner) method and have more control then listing with a real estate agent. Choose us and you will find that selling your home is simple and fast!   

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