Tetra Homes Inc. is a private investment firm that focuses on the rental real estate market. We have historically invested across many markets in the United States, we have changed our current attention to be our home city of Cincinnati due to the stable economy of the Midwest. Furthermore, we have a current emphasis on single family homes for our rental business

Our vision is to be able to provide our renters with an alternative to the general rentals that are on the market by other companies. Our strategy is to build a long term relationship with our renters through sound ethics and business practices. Our process is to always be open and transparent with our renters and treat them with integrity and honesty.

Whether you are seeking a single family home to live in for a long time, looking to rent for only 12 months, or rent a house as a transition to your own property in the future; we will always give you the best service possible. This is the Tetra Homes advantage which helps us earn your trust to have you feel satisfied in your choice of home.

Please review our website to find the answers you are seeking and/or feel free to contact us anytime to learn more details on how we can help you achieve your goals.


Cincinnati, Our Hometown

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